Tuesday, February 23, 2100

Motto 2013

It's winter, year 2013 had just begun and between being lost in between falling flakes of snow I am asking myself, how many babies, how many children is happy?
Do we realize that these babies didn't want to get on this world? They weren't in a hurry to get to this world, we gave them the life...but by giving the life our responsibility doesn't end. We should support them, guide them, form them on this road of life using our best intentions and feelings. We should create a supportive environment for their current life and the future one that will became current with a blink of an eye as well.
Dear parents, our children grow incredibly fast. It would be mainly our waste to loose the most precious time that your life can offer you. From some reason You were suppose to become parents, so take it as a gift not a curse and try to be the best – not in the whole world, but just for your children.
Faithfully Yours Nanny B.